With three sites across the UK. We cover a comprehensive range of solutions. From low to high volume and from small to large tonnage.

We offer highly integrated complex castings in a range of Ferrous alloys, through to ceramic moulding processes producing alloy steel castings and  Gravity die-casting and sand casting solutions.

The Stockton Casting Company

Westland Casting

Bonds Precision Castings


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No two are the same

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No two are the same

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No two are the same

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All three companies have a strong and solid foundation and by integrating these companies into the Teescraft Group we see the opportunity to grow and develop our solutions.

Stockton Castings

The foundry’s expertise lies in the manufacture of high integrity complex castings, including large diesel engine components, compressors, pumps and blowers. Cast in a wide range of ferrous alloys, with castings typically weighing from one to 1,500 kilos.





Westland Castings

Has a strong reputation for continuously supplying precision aluminium alloy castings through Gravity die-casting and sand casting. Supported ay its own core making and heat treatment.

Bonds Alston

Manufactures Precision Casting uses a specialist ceramic moulding process to manufacture high integrity alloy steel castings from 0.1 70kg.

Our innovative manufacturing process, EcoShaw, produces castings with high definition and accuracy superior to that of traditional sand casting, which are manufacture in a range of Fe-based and Ni-based steel castings.

Founded in 1947 SCC has went from strength to strength increasing its capacity and solidifying its expertise.

  • Runs of 1–10,000
  • 1kg–1,500kg casting weight
  • 70 Years Experience
  • Ferrous alloys and Fe based steel castings

+44 (0)1642 607 486

Established in 1962 and since gained a reputation
for continuously supplying precision aluminium alloy castings at competitive prices.

  • Low, medium and high volume runs
  • 100g–25kg gravity die casting weight
  • 100g–100kg sand casting weight
  • Core making
  • In-house heat treatment

+44 (0)1933 276 718

Bonds, since 1868 have produced castings of the highest quality. The Precision Castings division uses the Eco-Shaw Process for castings accurate to 0.25mm.

  • 100g–75kg casting weight
  • 170+ grades of Fe & Ni based steel
  • In-house heat treatment

+44 (0)1434 239 449

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Starting with a Concept?

A Tier One Provider from Start to Finish

Teescraft will support the design activity where possible, so that we can ensure the best solutions are derived in the early part of the project.

Our service and support cover the supply of high quality components from all our sites, be that cast, machined, fabricated or any of our specialist product within the group.  

Teescraft Engineering supports the whole range of a solutions.

Whatever your requirements, The Teescraft Group offers invaluable, reliable and highly experienced engineering solutions to enable your production runs as smoothly as possible.

UK Based

With a Global Reach

Across the group, we work for some of the market leaders in their respective industries.

With accuracy and precision, we reliably deliver thousands of parts and products to all corners of the globe.

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